Is your child's speech difficult to understand?  Are you concerned about the way your child makes particular sounds when they talk? Would you like an assessment to find out if your child's use of speech sounds is developing as expected for their age?   


Speech difficulties relate to a child's ability to make sounds in words when talking.  Children would benefit from an assessment of their speech sounds if:

  • they are difficult for familiar people to understand by the age of two years
  • they are difficult for strangers to understand by the age of three years
  • they leave many sounds off the beginnings, middles or ends of words after two years of age
  • their speech sounds "slushy" or "nasally" 
  • they have not developed use of the following sounds by these ages:
    • 3 years – m, n, h, p, w, d, g, y, k, f, b, t
    • 4 years – sh, ch, j, l
    • 5 years – r, v
    • 6 years – s, z
    • 8 years – th 

Children who have difficulties in developing their use of these sounds by the ages provided often go on to have difficulties with reading and spelling unless they receive assistance from a speech pathologist early.  Speech therapy is an effective way to help children's skills develop. With early help children have the best chance of 'catching up' and doing well with their learning. To read more articles about speech see the 'speech' category on our blog.

Contact us by phoning (08) 8255 7137 to arrange an assessment of your child's speech skills.  


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