Lauren Bollard  commenced providing services for Talking Matters in January 2016.  She works with us full-time Monday to Friday, providing early morning sessions as well as afternoon sessions which enables her to offer a sessions both before and after school for families who have difficulties attending during school hours. Lauren is able to support children with anxiety, behaviour or social-emotional needs and assist key people in each childs life to support their child.  Lauren works closely with our Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy teams to provide an integrated approach to your childs care and achieving their goals.

Lauren has worked in a range of positions and is passionate about individual wellbeing.  She's excited and committed to working with children and their families in order to achieve positive outcomes.



Psychologists work to assist children with learning, relationships and behaviour and can help families and children in a variety of ways to develop skills, function better and prevent ongoing problems in these areas

Psychologists are able to assist  families in many ways, including:

  • Dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, anger management or difficult behaviour.
  • Social issues, such as friendship problems, bullying and relationship difficulties.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Thinking skills - critical thinking, problem solving and creative solutions.
  • Study skills - techniques and strategies to improve learning and study effectiveness.early-language-2
  • Learning difficulties - dyslexia and other learning problems.
  • Intellectual issues - assessment of giftedness or intellectual disability.
  • Supporting parents in developing their parenting skills.  Unfortunately children do not come with owner's manuals and parenting can be challenging. 

* Please note that Medicare and Private Health Insurance rebates do not currently apply for psycho-educational assessments as these assessments do not meet the medical requirements for the rebates to apply.

There is also more useful information for families looking for psychological services in the Talking Matters blog.



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